The roof contains high performance insulation which helps keep the house heat in and the cold air out.*


Performance ventilation helps keep your bathrooms from steaming up and keeps your home draught free.


All sanitary wear uses water saving techniques and are the latest designs.


Floors are made up of high quality materials and finished with acoustic boarding to reduce noise.


Energy efficient lighting is standard with LED and low energy bulbs.


Energy efficient appliances are fitted as standard saving you electricity and money.


High efficiency condensing boilers use the latest technology to save fuel and keep your house warm.


High performance insulation in the ground floor will help to reduce your fuel bills, cut carbon emissions, keep your feet warm and cool your home in the summer and warm it up in the winter.


Blown insulation in the cavity walls gives a tighter fit than traditional insulation materials. This helps to keep moisture out and is more energy efficient helping you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a new-build home has to be the design itself.

Fresh, modern and completely untouched, the layout of a new-build home is made for 21st century living. 

Thoughtfully planned living areas designed with modern lifestyles in mind, reduced running costs and peace of mind to name a few.

Click on the yellow hotspots to reveal the practical benefits of buying a new home and then read our top 6 reasons for buying new below.

6 reasons to buy a new home

1. Make your new home your own
A new home provides a blank canvas to easily make it your own. Our homes are designed individually by our in-house design and production team. This means that depending on the development and build stage, we are able to offer you flexibility in the design and the opportunity to personalise your home. 

2. Increase energy efficiency, reduce costs
High performance insulation, the latest water saving sanitary ware and energy efficient appliances are just a few features of a new home that are geared towards helping you to save energy and money. For more information, click on the hotspots in the image above.

3. Low maintenance
When you buy a new home, you will spend less time and money on repairs, renovations and DIY giving you more time to relax and enjoy your home.

4. Less stress
At Kendrick Homes, our sales negotiators are on hand to assist and advise you with your house purchase along every step of the way. There is no upward chain which means a quick, hassle free move.

5. Safe and sound
All of our homes are fitted with burglar alarms and come with gas and electric safety certificates. Fire safety is taken care of by the installation of hard wired smoke alarms, fire doors, and fire retardant materials. All of our new homes adhere to the rigorous fire safety standards set out in the government Building Regulations. For your added security, our homes are secure by design meaning that they meet the criteria for security standards set by the police.

6. Peace of mind
We have been designing and building new homes for over 130 years and we pride ourselves on the distinct quality of design and build that make our homes special and unique. Each home is covered by a 10 year NHBC warranty to give you extra peace of mind.